Day One: My Road To Fitness

When I spoke to my mother about my intention to write a blog her first reaction was to say “A what?” She told me that she thought I had said ‘bog’.  Which, for those of you not familiar with the U.K. vernacular, it is slang for the ‘toilet’.

I explained to her that I had been thinking of writing a collection of essays or diary entries and that I was going to publish them onto the Internet for all to see.  She thought that was a good idea.

“What are you going to write about?” she asked.

“Fitness”.  I said.
“Well about me, and my road to getting fitter and in losing weight.” I told her, expecting a hundred questions and perhaps some ridicule.

She laughed and said I was already ‘as fit as a fiddle’.

“It’s all relative” I explained.

Compared to her, yes I was very fit, but then she is getting on a bit, bless her. Sorry mum, I mean no disrespect, if you are reading this.

I think I could do with shedding about eight kilos.  In order to do so I have a relatively simple plan. It revolves around me burning up more calories than I consume each day. No crash diets, no living off seaweed and rice cakes or blended drinks.

I intend to create a calorie deficit each day, not a massive one, just a small change in my intake and to combine this with an increase in the level of exercise.

I am going to do something that I have not done for a very long time.  Not since I used to race bikes full time.  That is, to be far more structured.  Indeed, it is one of the reasons I am starting this ‘Road To Fitness’ blog. It is out there in the public domain for all to see. There is no way I will give up if everyone knows what I plan to do.

At the moment I am without a road bike, except for my wife’s bike which is a bit small for me.  I shall only use it to get some fresh air and spin my legs out.  In a couple of weeks I hope to nip back to the U.K. to collect my road bike.

In the meantime I shall run, swim and use some home gym equipment.  This will consist of some free weights, a fit ball and some TRX Bands.

I will measure my weight tomorrow morning and will let you know my detailed plans.

Stay tuned ☺


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