Day Two: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

It was with a certain degree of trepidation that I climbed aboard my IKEA scales this morning. After much messing about with zero setting the dial and feeling slightly daft standing naked upon it, I bent down to examine the reading.  Clear as day, it read 75KG.  I am going to stick to metric in this blog but for those of you that still are not up to speed, that is 165.34 pounds, to be exact.

Between now and the first of March I would like to get down to 66KG.  I have plenty of time and I think a gradual weight loss will be easier and healthier.

I would just like to clarify a few things.  When I refer to weight loss, I am going to reduce the level of fat stored on me and try to maintain, or even increase slightly, my muscle mass.  The idea is to be leaner for the cycling season, which commences in early March here in Barcelona.  I do not want to become thin as a rake, with no muscle mass as that would be detrimental.

Going back some years (!) when I used to race full time I weighed 63.5KG.  I think that is probably a bit too light for me and believe it would be unrealistic to try to maintain that weight.  Back then I was riding at least four hours per day and ate a pretty boring diet.  I’m not sure, perhaps I am wrong and it could well be that my knowledge was lacking back then when it came to the preparation of food.  However my memories of that period of my life were of being constantly hungry and of not enjoying myself a great deal.

This time it has to be fun.  If I feel like having a scoop of ice-cream with my fruit, then I shall.  I will not become a food control freak, a zealot or a nutty weight loss dude.

I suppose I should take a before and after photo.
What do you think? Should I do the magazine stuff, you know, take a photo now at the start and perhaps another similar shot each month?

My breakfast is ready.  A boiled egg, some toast and a bowl of low sugar rabbit food with skimmed milk.

Good grief, it has officially started…


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