Day Three: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

I looked in the fridge this morning trying to figure out what to have for breakfast.  Eggs? Got them.  Fried with bacon, beans, mushrooms, fried tomatoe, maybe some hash browns, washed down with a large cup of coffee.  I smiled at the thought of putting that up on my Road to Fitness Blog.  A bit off the mark me thinks. I decided to have a coffee, write up my blog and think about what to have whilst I enjoy the slow boost the caffeine will give me.

I ache a bit today, probably because I ran for 33 minutes yesterday and then spent two hours paddling out through the surf. My favourite run route is half climbing half descending.  It is a fairly technical off road run, upon mostly sand and hard pack that has been sculptured by the wind and rain.

The run takes me up into the foothills of a relatively low mountain range called El Corredor that separates a coastal area called El Maresme from El Valles Oriental.  The highest point of the mountain range is 672m.  I think a lot of the rock is decomposed granite, something I remember from living in Hong Kong.  It makes for a slippery surface underfoot and it keeps me focussed on where I am putting my feet on my runs.

Nestled high up on the hills is an old Monastery that dates back to 1416. It is called ‘The monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Vall of Batlem’.  It is perhaps not the most magnificent monastery I have set eyes upon but it is rather nice to run past.  I dug around on the Internet for a while and found out that the Monastery was built upon an old Roman site called Poia (scar-face) which, I think, sums up the terrain rather well.

After my run I had lunch, a mixed chicken salad with beans, red peppers and a less than generous helping of olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.  In an effort to be serious about what I am doing, I removed the skin from the chicken.  It was quite an effort, it was deliciously golden, crisp and covered in spices. My mouth is watering now as I think of it.

In the afternoon I went out body board surfing.  The waves were small compared to those that I battled with a few days ago but they seemed full of power.  I was using my body board without flippers as I lost one of them in the surf on Thursday and rather than use just one, which quite frankly looks ridiculous, I made do without.  I paddled back and forth for about two hours and can certainly feel it today in my shoulders. After I was done with being hammered in the waves I swam out to the yellow buoys with a view to doing some lengths between two of them.  I turned back after I ran into a swarm (?) of jellyfish, deciding that I could do without being stung. I must look up what sort of jellyfish are found in the waters of the Med, the ones I saw yesterday were light blue with purple lines and short tentacles. Quite pretty but best avoided I think.

Today should be fairly relaxed.  I will swim this morning and then borrow my wife’s road bike for a gentle spin along the coast.  I think I will create a new playlist and upload it to my phone, then switch my brain off for a while and try not to sing too loud.

Breakfast? I think I’ll have some plain yoghurt and some cereal.  Maybe another coffee.

Looking out at the hills again, they are pretty.  Perhaps the Romans were a bit harsh to have called the area Scar Face, certainly the terrain is a bit scarred but it is beautiful.  I would be tempted to run again just to be part of the scenery but I think a flat run along the beach is called for. Perhaps I can slot one in between my swim and my bike ride.

Incidentlally I think I need a digital scale. My trusty IKEA analogue scale is rubbish. I weighed myself today and it read 74KG and I know for sure that I did not lose a kilo yesterday, unless a part of me fell off in the water that I don’t know about yet.

Untill tomorrow then.


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