Day Six: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

I woke up, swung my feet onto the floor and decided immediately that it was going to be a rest day.  I could have easily climbed straight back into bed and slept for another couple of hours.

I munched my way through a couple of slices of toast and downed two cups of coffee before exploring the web site of one of the largest bicycle stores in Barcelona, ProBike. It looked quite impressive and thought it would be worth a visit.

Travelling in Barcelona is easy.  One can buy a ticket called a T-10 1 Zona, it gives you ten trips on the underground or buses.  You only pay for one trip every 1 hour and 15 minutes, you can jump on as many buses, trams,trains and metros etc. within each 75 minute window.

I walked through an area called Santa Coloma de Gramenet, to the metro station at the end of the L1 Red line called Fondo.  I usually stand on the metro but feeling rather weary I took a seat on the clean, air-conditioned subway and took at look at the people on the train.

To my right was an intriguing looking lady, in her mid thirties.  She was wearing a pair of huge black shades and her blonde hair was swept back off her face and tied with a freaky looking black rubber twist.  She was engrossed in a book and was holding on casually to a rail, her body swinging side to side with the rocking of the train.

Sitting opposite me was a young boy of about ten.  He had his head buried in a Nintendo DS, his feet were twitching and his shoulders rocked as his fingers struggled to press the buttons fast enough.  An elderly man peered over the boy’s shoulder watching his progress.  The old guy was wearing a pair of bright orange trousers, with the words ‘Super Star’ embroidered in silver across them.  He wore a pair of glasses Elton John would have bid for on eBay and had a long cane balanced on his lap.

I changed lines at the Sagrera station to catch the L5 Blue line to Entenca a further seven stops away and made my way along the leafy streets to ProBike.

The shop was big.  They must have had four or five hundred bicycles built up across three levels.  It was not a very personal place, but given its size I suppose that was to be expected.  I snooped around for about twenty minutes and nobody came up to ask if I needed any help.  It reminded me of a large Evans Cycles Store in the U.K. with perhaps a little bit more ‘Euro Style’ splashed around the place.

I decided I had seen enough and slowly made my way back home, weaving in and out of the smaller streets, avoiding the larger ones on purpose so that I could soak up the richer atmosphere that the smaller streets have to offer.

I passed shops selling tobacco, small bars with no lights on inside, their only customers being a few lonely regulars propping up the bar watching the Olympic high-lights on the screens.

The heat outside was amazing.  My flip-flops were getting softer and softer and I was rapidly developing a blister.

I shuffled my way home, drank about a litre of water and had a snooze…

When I woke up I felt refreshed and I had a good think about my training for Wednesday and decided I would do a run and add some intervals to the session. If all went well I would finish it off with a dip in the ocean.  It sounded like a decent plan to me.


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