Day Seven: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

74KG. 74KG.  74KG.

I am feeling rather pleased with myself having shed a kilo in the last week.  By all accounts it means I coped with a 7000 calorie deficit over the course of the week.

I spent ages making sure the dial was centred over the zero point on the scale before climbing onto it, and blew all the air out of my lungs before taking the reading. The accuracy of my analog scales worries me but I am going to stick with 74KG for now, after all I weighed myself on day two of my blog using the same scales so at the very least it is a control of sorts. I may weigh more (or less) but the weight loss should be correct.

I will pop up to IKEA and see if they have a nice digital scale.  Whilst I am there I will try to avoid the free beer that is served in all Spanish IKEA stores.  It is a clever plan.  The ‘blokes’ sit in the bar drinking free beer whilst their partners fill their trolleys up with half the store.  Excellent.  They also serve free coffee and being superb Spanish coffee I think I may well take advantage of it.  All they need is free Wi-Fi and I will become a devout IKEA evangelist.

Here is a bit of fun for you.  Whilst looking at IKEA related blurb on the Internet I came across this little application that will change your name into an IKEA product.  Quite funny.  Here is a photo of mine. I am, apparently, a small chest of drawers.



Back to the Eduardo’s Road To Fitness Blog.  It has been a week now and I am feeling positive. It has been an odd week (meeting Jesus and his ferret for example) but considering I am not doing a massive amount of cardio work I am happy.

I decided to do a run along the beach yesterday and introduced some intervals into my 30 minute run.

Normally for intervals I would use a heart rate monitor and a stop watch but my heart rate monitor was in my wife’s gym bag in downtown Barcelona so I decided to use my iPod as an interval training aid.

I chose Coldplay’s Viva La Vida album and decided to use the first two tracks, to warm up.  Then on the third track I would begin an interval that would last the duration of the track.  When the fourth track came on I would settle back into a steady pace, until the following track began when I would raise the pace again, the plan was to do that for the duration of my run.

Without my heart rate monitor I used something called the ‘Perceived Exertion Level’ to set my run levels.

This is how it works.  You assign a number to a level of perceived exertion, where level 10 would be an all out sprint, lasting ten or eleven seconds and level 1 would be walking.

My intervals would be carried out at Level 8.  Which is roughly eighty percent of max heart rate.

My steady state run is carried out at level 6, or roughly sixty percent of max heart rate.

The run started at Montgat beach.

There is a superb pathway that runs all the way from downtown Barcelona right up the coast, I think as far as Mataro, perhaps even further.  It is split into two with one side reserved for cyclists, the other for walkers and runners.

I joined the pathway at Montgat beach next to the beach bar and turned on my iPod.  Coldplay’s Life in Technicolour was a fitting way to start the run.  The beach was covered in people wearing brightly coloured costumes and it was a hive of activity.

People were playing Frisbee, beach football and various games using bats and balls.  It was nice to be part of the scenery.

Part of my run takes me past a nudist beach.  I did my best to stay focussed on my run but it is difficult to concentrate when a group of people are playing naked beach volleyball next to you.

All in all the iPod Interval session worked well.  I turned around about fifteen minutes before El Masnou by the chiringuito and ran back along the beach just as the track ‘Lovers in Japan – Reign of Love’ started.  In case you have not tried it, running in sand is tough.  Each step you take saps your energy, you need to pump your arms to keep moving.  Hit a slight rise and it becomes incredibly hard to keep going.  I like the challenge though and time seems to fly as you have to concentrate so much on each step you take.  I shall try to incorporate more beach running in the future as I enjoyed my session yesterday.
As promised, I will summarize below what I did in the first week.  Note that the Eduardo’s Road to Fitness Blog started on the 14th of August but I actually began recording my exercise routine on the 15th of August.

Work Out Summary

  • Day One – 30 minute run at steady pace
  • Day Two – 33 minute run followed by 2 hours body surfing/paddling
  • Day Three – 2 hours 20 minute hard bicycle ride
  • Day Four – 750m swim towing kids on boogie board
  • Day Five – Rest day
  • Day Six – 30 minute run with intervals. 30 minute body boarding

It all gets a little bit more focussed next week, with a food diary record and some longer distance runs and I plan to add some longer cycle rides into the mix, along with my now infamous, TRX band workouts starting in earnest (I promise).

I have finally charged up my Nokia N95 which has a pretty good 5 mega pixel camera and will try to take some shots of my run and cycle routes for you all.  Some of the countryside is spectacular.

All the best and thank you so much for all of your encouragement, it really does lift me.


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