Day Twelve: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Anyone old enough to remember the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster will remember the expression ‘No Pain, No Gain’. It was a motto that Jane Fonda used back in the early 80’s in her series of work out videos.  The catch-phrase was then adopted by bodybuilders who believed that in order to develop larger muscles one had to endure pain first, that if you did not hurt after a work out you would not progress.

Jane Fonda may well have been reading old school poetry when she coined the phrase.  Back in 1650 a British poet, by the name of Robert Herrick, published a collection of poems called Hesperides, where he wrote:

If little labour, little are our gains:
Man’s fortunes are according to his pains.

–    Hesperides 752

Yesterday I experienced the ‘pain’ during my longest run so far.  At forty five minutes it is hardly worth boasting about.  The pain was a result of pushing myself.  On the way out along the beach path, after about five minutes of running, I became aware of two other guys running about ten metres behind me.  My competitive streak raised its head and I increased my pace.  A voice in my head warned me that I would pay later for my efforts but I ignored it.  I slowly pulled away from the two other runners.

As I neared the beach in Montgat Nord I spotted another lone runner up ahead.  Again I increased the pace and the distance between the two of us began to shrink. It took almost ten minutes for me to catch him.  Annoyingly, just as I drew close he stopped running and looked at his watch on his wrist.  I slowed down and settled back into a more sensible pace.

It was too late. I had squandered my energy, used up some precious reserves.  I paid for it later on. The last ten minutes of my run were run on will power alone.  My legs were dead. I felt clumsy and had to concentrate hard on each step as I negotiated the uneven surface of the final off-road section of the run. I cursed myself for pushing too hard on the way out.

This morning my legs ache.  I can feel the cumulative effects of the last two days.  The run on Sunday followed by me emptying the tank yesterday have taken its toll.

I hope, that as Robert and Jane propose, I will now benefit and be justly rewarded with a hard earned gain.

I think a gentle spin on the bike is called for today, to loosen up my legs.

I leave you with Jane Fonda, courtesy of YouTube 🙂


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