Day Thirteen: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

It is funny how after a while things that not so long ago would have shocked you, stopping you dead in your tracks are now accepted as the norm, filtered out and hardly given any attention all.  It is the difference between being a tourist and being a local.

You see tourists are on the look out for the unusual.  ‘Unusual’ for them is anything different from the norm at home. It is not commonplace to see two naked gay men, bronzed bodies straight out of Attitude magazine, covered only in silver body piercings and tattoos, oiling each other on a bench in a park in Aldershot.  I smiled as I watched a large, sunburnt tourist, his dangerously exposed belly, the colour of lard, sneak a few camera phone shots of the two exhibitionists as I cycled past.  I wondered who looked more out of place, the gay dudes or Mr. Crisco in his red Crocs and straw hat.

My recovery ride yesterday took me along a superb urban cycle route.  It is the continuation of the path that I often run along, albeit further up the coast. It winds its way along the beachfront, towards the Olympic Port in Barcelona, past the huge mega yachts, continuing on to the beaches of Barceloneta, where tourists from Aldershot seeking homoerotic pictures can take their holiday snaps.

My ride was a ‘recovery ride’.  This is a low intensity ride, used to spin the legs out after a hard session.  I spent the time listening to music and focussing on staying hydrated.  I drank a 750ml bottle of water during eighty minutes of twiddling a 39×16 gear.

I have noticed, now almost two weeks into this ‘Eduardo’s Road To Fitness’ a change in appetite.  Not so much an increased appetite but a desire to eat different types of meals.  Before I started training I could quite easily have eaten a full English breakfast first thing in the morning. Well OK, I couldn’t eat that every morning but it wouldn’t have been out of the question to have consumed it.

Today however, the thought of a full English would have made me ill.  Instead I woke up and munched a huge piece of bread with some boiled eggs mashed into it.  No butter, no olive oil, just carbohydrate, protein and a smidge of fat (the egg yolks).  I finished off by devouring a banana and drinking a glass of fresh orange juice.  It looked so healthy I took a photo of it before I ate it.

Much healthier than a full English fry up.

Much healthier than a full English fry up.

Fresh vegetables and fish seem to be making a comeback in the food cravings department whilst red meat and wine seems to be fading into the past.

I have a long hard ride planed for today.  A new route involving four different twenty minute climbs, spaced about half an hour apart from each other, connected by undulating roads.  I feel good today and am confident I will be able to complete it without exploding mid route.
All that remains to be done is to figure out a new playlist for my iPod and then I am off into the baking heat.

Which leaves me wondering how badly burnt Mr. Crisco is today and how his photos came out.


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