Day Fourteen: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

We are all waiting for Jesus to arrive.  He gets back from his trip to Austria on Saturday and will swing by to collect his ferret.  It smells.  No really, it stinks.  The girls washed it.  Twice.  They went so far as to spray an entire room in perfume but the smell of the ferret remains.  He is now banished from the house and is sleeping on the balcony.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to ferrets.  Several of these web sites refer to the fact that young male ferrets are ‘extremely musky’ unless neutered.  It is funny as the word  ‘Musk’ has positive connotations, if you remember the fragrance marketed by Lynx.

I had a quick look at the Unilever website, the people behind Lynx and here is what they say:

With a brand mission to give consumers the edge in the mating game Lynx has continually evolved to develop fragrances that bring guys closer to their ultimate girl. Working closely with the Lynx Institute of Attractiveness, the ‘Nose’ and Lynx perfumiers have developed pulling-inspired fragrances including Lynx Vice which is packed with high levels of exotic fruits, designed to turn unsuspecting nice girls naughty.

Guys, here is a tip:  Unless you want to smell like a young male ferret, go steady on the Musk.  You may find yourself banished to the balcony.

Which brings me to my ride yesterday.

I set off at a quarter to one in the afternoon.

I was feeling pretty good when I set off,  right up until I hit the slopes of  the first of the four climbs that lay in store on the route.  I settled into a steady rhythm, confident that I would feel better as the climb went on.  I was starting to enjoy the ride as I climbed the ridge, looking down at the houses below, watching the kids play in the bright blue swimming pools of the larger, more expensive villas.

One of the houses was built on the steep slopes of the hillside, the rooftop just a few metres below the level of the road.  A large, wide balcony ran the entire length of the modern looking house.  To my amazement, a guy was perched on a bike, sitting on a turbo trainer, sweat soaking into a bright yellow towel draped over his handle bars.

I wondered what in the name of God he had done to deserve such punishment? What crime had he committed that justified such a harsh sentence? I could perhaps understand his intentions if it was raining, cold and miserable.  If the icy roads were noisy with the thunder of traffic and it was dark outside.

The sun was shining.  It was so quiet I could hear my own hair growing.  I could smell the fresh pine trees.  The sky was a bright blue, interrupted only by a few cartoon like clouds.

I rode on and thought about the mad man for a while before I was forced to concentrate on the technical descent that followed.

My route took me out along the valley road to Valldoriolf, before heading back around to La Roca de Valles, then up a long, drag of a climb back over the ridge to the ‘El Maresme’ side (beach side).  Another lovely sweeping descent where I touched 75kmh before I turned off and joined a smaller, rougher surfaced road that climbs up the BV-5106 to the rather quaint village of Orrius.  Another fast, somewhat dangerous descent and then I was back in the valley again.  The hot, undulating road back to the base of the last climb was fun, there was very little traffic and I spotted a couple of other cyclists out training.  I got chatting to two young guys, dressed head to foot in Team Slipstream clothing.  They worked in a local bike shop and were out for a spin.  One of them was riding the new KTM carbon road bike, which I suppose looked quite pretty, complete with integrated carbon seat-post and snazzy graphics. Not my cup of tea though.

I heard via the message system on FaceBook that my buddy James was not able to collect my road bike in time for his flight, which means I am stuck with riding my wife’s bike until I can sort out an alternative plan.  A bit disappointing but hey, life goes on,  To cheer myself up I am going to enter an off-road run in late October.  I have not decided which distance to do yet.  On offer is a full distance off-road marathon, which would be madness.  A half marathon (which I am tempted by) and a 10K event, which would make the most sense.

Here is a link to the site.  Check out the turn by turn directions included in the PowerPoint presentation.  The Cursa de Sant Jaume route looks really pretty. What do you think, 10KM or 22KM ? Hmmm….

I leave you with a YouTube video.


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