Day Sixteen: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Yesterday turned out to be a much needed rest day for me.  I interrupted the day with a swim at the beach, a 200m effort carried out at a relaxed steady pace – easily enforced by the poor visibility in the water and my wish to avoid swimming straight into one of the purple jellyfish, which have returned in even greater numbers.

The beach was busy.  I sat on my towel afterwards and looked around.  To my right was a walrus.  He was a huge dark skinned chap. He wore a pair of sunglasses that made him look like Freddy Mercury.  Shiny rimmed, with super dark lenses.  He looked scary.  His old school Speedo trunks did not help.  What is it with older guys in Speedos? Back in the 80’s it was OK for a thirteen-year old boy to wear them.  Now they should be sold exclusively to Olympic swimmers, not to the general public.

Behind me were three bronzed, ladies, covered in tattoos. They all seemed to be of the same design.  Now that is strange.  I would have thought the point of having a tattoo is to add something unique, something bespoke, about adding something truly original? So why get the same one your mates have?  Why copy their drawing of a nymph on a leaf and plaster it across your stomach? What if you fall out with each other? You will spend the remainder of your days, waking up every morning, looking down at your belly, seeing that nymph on a leaf that Brook, or Maria, or Shelly convinced you was cool, which in fact, is on a par with a Speedo wearing walrus.

To get off the subject of fat men in Speedos and bad taste tattoos, here is a summary of the last week, in terms of work-outs.

  • Day 7        3 ½ hour bike ride
  • Day 8        2 hour bike ride
  • Day 9        Active recovery day, swim & snorkel
  • Day 10      40 minute run
  • Day  11     45 minute run
  • Day 12      1:10 min recovery ride
  • Day 13      3 hour 25 min bike ride, 4 x 20 min climbs
  • Day 14      1 ½ hour bike ride

Next week will be interesting, I will have to do some research on a putting together a more structured programme with regards to running, if I am to complete an off road half marathon at the end of October.

Until then…..a little bit of Freddy Mercury.


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