Day Seventeen: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

I try to avoid conversations on either politics or religion.  My dad told me it was a good idea and he was a pretty clever chap.  Under extreme duress and without any obvious sign of an escape route, I think, I would talk religion but you would have to be holding a large gun to my head.

You see I have a built in security function, an evolutionary bonus, a self-defence mechanism, designed to avoid death by boredom. Several keywords will start the shut down sequence.  The words, democrat, president, vote, voting, ballot, these all work well at initiating the countdown to switch off.  In a similar fashion, Hillary-Clinton, Tony Blair, George Bush, Gordon Brown, these have all worked well in the past.

Yesterday my anti death by boredom self-defence system was fooled by the words ‘Barack Obama’ and I was almost sucked into a discussion about politics when in fact I thought someone was talking about those pills you take to get rid of a hang-over, or when you are feeling a bit flat.  You know, the ones that come in a green plastic tube, full of Vitamin C, B Complex, Ginseng and extract of Tiger Willy or something.

I was feeling a bit dehydrated and tired after a thirty minute run in the hills followed by a full day at the beach.  I could have done with popping a few tablets of Barack Obama into a glass of water for a bit of a lift.

The run was most enjoyable.  I managed to fit it in before picking my friend James up from his hotel downtown and taking him to the beach in Canet de Mar.  I decided to attempt one of the first routes I took when I started running almost three weeks ago.  Heading up to the Cross on the top of the hill behind our apartment.  No great shakes, nothing dramatic, I felt fine and was pleasantly surprised to feel pretty relaxed upon completing it.  I could do another lap, I mused to myself, in the lift coming home.

However after sitting on the beach all day in the hot sun, frolicking in the surf with my kids, swimming out to the yellow buoy with James and walking miles along the sand I was feeling a bit jaded, a little bit flat.

I wonder if you can buy Barack Obama pills in a supermarket here in Barcelona?

I did a search on the web and did not find out the answer. I did however find out what happens if you feed them to fish.  Far more entertaining than politics.


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