Day Eighteen: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Jesus was suffering from a hangover when he came to pick up his ferret yesterday.  Apparently after his race at the world championships in Austria he went out on the town and got absolutely hammered. Fermin the ferret was pleased to see his master and proceeded to lick his entire face when Jesus picked him up and held him close.  It was not a pretty sight.  It initiated an involuntary gag reflex in me causing me to choke on my coffee.

I did two good things yesterday.  I ran for forty-five minutes off road and felt superb.  That was good thing number one.  The second good thing was my decision to do a day trip out of town.

Barcelona is not all about people painted blue standing still on La Rambla, or weird and wacky architecture. There are some lovely places to explore both in town and on the outskirts.  Yesterday I thought we would drive out along the coast road to Sitges, located about 35km south of Barcelona.

Sitges is very Gay.  The whole town is crawling with all shapes and sizes of gay men.  It was a little weird at first with loads of gay men trying to make eye contact, but after a while, like many things in Spain, you get used to it.  We walked along the beach, up to the famous church of Sant Bartomeu I Santa Tecla.  An imposing structure perched on the edge of a cliff above the sea.  We wandered through plenty of narrow streets filled with tourists either looking up at the archways or down at the polished cobblestones.  It was pleasant and smelt of the sea. My run earlier in the day was pleasant and smelt of the hills.  Both of which are far better than the smell of ferret.

This week I shall be adding a few longer distance runs, in preparation for my half marathon at the end of October.  I am curious to see how I will handle running for an hour, as forty-five minutes has been my longest run so far.

It is supposed to start cooling down at night and in the evenings but today it is roasting hot again.  I feel sorry for the guys racing in La Vuelta (the Tour of Spain) at the moment.  In todays third stage they are cycling over 168km from Jaen to Cordoba,  a mercilessly hot part of Spain where the temperatures touch forty and the dry winds are of little respite.  I suspect they will all be concentrating on staying hydrated and are unlikely to be out on the town getting wasted tonight, like Jesus was in Austria.


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