Day Nineteen: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Way back in 1905 Albert Einstein wrote a paper “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”. Within it he talks about ‘gravitational time dilation’.  Albert says that gravitational time dilation is the effect of time passing at different rates, in regions of different gravitational potential; the higher the local distortion of spacetime due to gravity, the slower time passes.

Apparently this has been demonstrated by noting that atomic clocks set at differing altitudes and thus with different gravitational potential, will eventually show different times. However the effects detected in such experiments are really small, with differences being measured in nanoseconds.

I have found a much easier way that does away with expensive atomic clocks and climbing to the tops of tall mountains or sending clocks into the exosphere.

All that is required is a pair of running shoes, a bottle of water that you leave behind in the car, a long section of beach and a really hot day.  You then need to run for an hour. Time will slow to a crawl.  It may even stop. Instead of nanoseconds the difference will be significant.  Entire cities will have been rebuilt. New currencies will have formed. New forms of life would have evolved. Your children may even have dressed themselves, eaten their breakfast and gone to school.

My run yesterday took exactly one hour.  I know because I checked my watch every two or three minutes to make sure it was working.  I looked at each of the bright green ‘Look Here Is A Pharmacy Sign’ en route that always display the current time and temperate.  I was even tempted to peer into the windows of cars parked at the marina to see if I could read the time on their dashboard clocks.

It was really hot and my decision to leave my bottle of water in the car was the catalyst that was required for the gravitational time dilation process to commence.

It was a very, very long hour.  It was windy which did not help.  Well actually it helped to blow the sand into my face, it also helped to blow my cap off several times, forcing me to run even faster to catch it.  I am glad I wore it though.  I caught up with another runner, an older guy with long hair.  The wind was strong and blowing from behind us as we ran.  It was whipping his hair up, lifting it from behind and blowing it up and over his head, obscuring his forehead and eyes.  When the wind dropped for a second it left him with his hair sticking up and out. He looked just like Albert Einstein.

Which leads me to believe that Albert Einstein was a runner that experienced gravitational time dilation.


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  1. hahaha! time slowing to a crawl? I’ve felt exactly like that in some of my runs in extremely humid conditions. Once, when I had to cross a bridge to make it to the finish line, I was even convinced that the other side was slowly floating away just to spite me. 😉

    good luck with this whole running/biking thing!


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