Day Twenty One: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

The subcutaneous fat from the Bow Head Whale contains 870 calories per 100g whilst braised moose liver only has 155 calories per 100g .  This is interesting stuff if you are an Alaskan native and are wondering what not to put in your winter stew if you are intent on losing weight.  Clearly one should hold back on the Bow Head Whale blubber.

I was wondering what to eat after my run yesterday.  I was gloating over the fact that I had knocked five minutes off my one hour run course and decided to try something other than couscous so I went shopping.

The supermarkets in Spain are massive.  Take a large Tesco superstore and multiply it by a factor of five.  The variety and types of food are amazing.  The fish department is one of my favourites, with all manner of marine life on display.  They often have a little bar in the supermarket where you’ll find the old boys propped up, with a small glass of beer, whilst their wives choose vegetables or fruit nearby.

There are some serious hams on display at the moment.  Huge legs of ham hung up with descriptions about them printed onto pieces of card that hang from the shelves nearby.  I was tempted to buy one but thought it might run the Bow Head Whale close in terms of calories so avoided it and moved on.

A selection of hams on display

A selection of hams on display

I watched as the girls that work the aisles rollerbladed up and down, checking prices on various items for the girls at the check out counters, wondering how many miles they covered each day.

In the end I decided to buy some gazpacho soup, some dried almonds and some raisins to put in my couscous.  Items in hand I decided to join one of the queues.  It is interesting how we have all evolved into experts at queues.  I watched as a couple with a shopping basket split up to cover two lines, they looked nervously across at each other.

“You get aisle five, I’ll get aisle eleven….whichever moves quicker, we’ll join” baguette in hand the husband dived into the queue on aisle five.

I stood still, looking at the check out girl in line fourteen.  She was counting notes, putting them into bags.  I thought she might open up her aisle.

I didn’t want to give the game away though.  You know, you sort of hold your place in your current line and wait until the check out girl adjusts her hair, smoothes her dress, sits down on her stool then looks up.

For she knows.  She knows that countless check out experts are watching, waiting to abandon their lines for the new one.

I noticed the tell tale signs.  The moment she had sat down, turned the key in her till and looked up I was running.  Or at least I thought I was running.

In actual fact my legs refused to obey the command.  I ran at glacial speed.  Old men in Wellington boots, running through a muddy field would have been faster.  I was beaten by three other shoppers who arrived in aisle fourteen before me.
Tomorrow I will take it easy.  I think I may be over doing the running. Perhaps a swim session might be called for ☺


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