Day Twenty Two: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

My swim session never happened.  In fact nothing happened.  I fell asleep.  Honest.  I am now officially Spanish.  I had a siesta, woke up and found it was evening.  So much for an evening swim then.

I was not too cut up about it all.  I mean it is hardly the end of the world (that happens on the 10th of September when they turn on the Large Hadron Collider) so I decided to write a little bit about Barcelona.  Actually I thought I would write a little bit about things to do outside of the city.

Starting on the fringes of the city you have the Montjuic.  This is a little mountain on the edge of the sea.  If you have driven to Barcelona Airport from out of  down-town Barcelona there is a good chance you will been right past it. The Montjuic hides a few secrets that visitors to the Miro museum will definitely miss.  Right over on the far side is the bar Caseta de Migdia. It has a beach bar feel, that has been transplanted into a pine tree park.  A sort of hillside café del mar, complete with sunsets. Life is an adventure so I won’t give you directions but if you get totally lost give them a call on 617 956 672.  Anyway back to the stuff you can do.  Obviously you can chill out in the café if you want, or you can try out the climbing wall, located inside a tunnel, built by an ex-policeman, called La Foixada, where a riding school also hires out ponies.  To get there, take the number 50 bus from the Gran Via and get off at the stop after Poble Espanyol.  Walk down the stairs about 20m from the shop, then just head left.

Behind Barcelona is a much larger range of hills, containing a pretty park called Cosserola.  You can easily jump onto a train from Placa Catalunya.  Make sure you get off at Peu del Funicular and then head to the park information office for a list of suggested walking routes.  If you want a mega view, Norman Foster designed the TV Tower and you can take a lift up to the viewing gallery.  From way up there you can almost spot the beach that I never swam at because I was asleep.


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