Day Twenty Five: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

I was trapped in a tiny Spanish toilet.  It was so dark there was no point in having eyes.  I needed bigger ears. I needed sonar.  I had turned the light on when I entered the area where the sinks were located, dutifully chosen a cubicle and was midway through a perfectly natural bodily function when the timer ran out and I was thrust into the darkness.

I do not have a fear of the dark, nor do I sweat profusely and panic in confined spaces.  I pity anyone suffering from either of these afflictions as they surely would have turned themselves inside out before dying of anxiety in that toilet.

I started fumbling around in the dark, running my hands along the wall trying to find a light switch. I thought I had struck gold.  I explored the switch with my fingers and was surprised to find I was sticking my fingers into a plug socket.  It was located right next to the light switch. Nice move Mr. Spanish Toilet Designer Man.

Apart from the occasional dodgy toilet, Barcelona is well thought out and a jolly pleasant place to live.  The mountains offer an escape from the bustle of the city and the beaches often a welcome respite from the heat.

I have about twenty-eight days of training before the Barcelona Triathlon.  I am quite excited about competing, as it will be my first true triathlon.  I have competed in multi-sport events in the past, where the swim event was replaced by a sea kayak stage, but I have never done a ‘proper’ triathlon.  Given that my swim training to date has been sporadic and based around surfing, I had better get down to the pool pronto.

Following on from the Barcelona Triathlon I have the off-road half marathon at the end of October.  A part of me cannot believe that I am entering a triathlon and a long distance running event, all in one month.

The topic of food keeps popping up and I have had quite a few emails from people wanting to know how I manage to avoid eating mountains of chocolate and avoid fizzy drinks.  I confess it has not been down to my amazing will power.  To be honest I very rarely crave chocolate and am not a fan of fizzy drinks – unless you include beer.

The hardest thing has been to keep a lid on beer and wine consumption.  Living in Barcelona you are exposed to fantastic wine at very reasonable prices.  Beer too is wonderfully cheap compared to the U.K. and the choice is excellent.  My favourite beer is called Moritz.  It is a brand that was re-launched back in 2004 after the company, which was formed way back in 1856, went bust.

I have been keeping a food diary but found I was forgetting to record each entry so recently made a decision to take a photo of every meal with my camera phone, to force me to record it all.  We will see if this works. Upon reflection, I will create a separate page on this Blog for the food diary, as not all of you will want to know whether I had rice or pasta the night before.

Back to the toilet.  I was trapped in it because I had decided to have a coffee in a bar in Santa Colomo.  I was watching my wife race her road bike.  The race was organized by the Catalan Cycling Federation.  Rosie, and my friend Phil were competing in the same race, as the women have to race the Vet (40+) men.  This makes it pretty hard for the girls, as the Vet men class is strong.  I will be racing against them next year so was keen to check out my competition.

The race was held on closed roads, attracting quite a sizeable crowd of onlookers. Rosie did well and hung in with the guys for a respectable number of laps before finally losing them after a particularly fast one.  Phil also rode well and placed third after a successful last lap attempt to catch the leading pair of riders, who had broken away form the bunch about four laps earlier.

Working hard in the circuit race

Working hard in the circuit race

Today I have a long, hard run in store.  I am going to attempt a ninety-minute run.  I will definitely bring a bottle of water with me this time and am tempted to bring a flashlight, just in case I need to go to the toilet.


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