Day Twenty Six: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

As we walked into the restaurant I spotted several overweight Spanish people sat at tables.  This was a good sign.  Fat people know where to seek out good food.  The fact that they were locals also meant the food would be good value, honest, wholesome fare.

We were in Arenys de Mar at the invitation of my wife’s aunt.  A town with a long seagoing tradition, a large fishing fleet and a long sandy beach. Arenys de Mar is devoted to the sea, with a marine tradition that goes back to the seventeen Century, when large shipyards built many of the sailing vessels that sailed to the Americas.

We wandered along quiet roads, lined with crooked buildings before arriving at what used to be a Pizza place.  The new owners had transformed the menu but left the décor unchanged.

A quiet back street in Arenys de Mar

A quiet back street in Arenys de Mar

Knowing that I had committed to pushing myself with a ninety-minute run later in the afternoon, I ordered a plate of pasta for my first course.  It came served with pesto, a touch of olive oil and garlic.

Simple, yet tasty...

Simple, yet tasty...

We were sat opposite the largest customer in the restaurant.  I noticed his huge straw hat and his impressive belly as he sat down at an adjoining table.  He looked Mexican.  He had the pasta as well but I doubt it was to fuel a ninety-minute run later in the day.  I watched him add more olive oil to the pasta and half the salt on the table.

I guessed that he was going to have the steak and smiled when I saw it arrive on his plate.  My youngest daughter is a carnivore that would, if she could, run down her own prey.  She joined the big Mexican chap and ordered the same as him.

I figure that if I am eating out why not have something that you do not generally have at home.  It was amusing that I had decided to start my food diary on a day that I was eating baby octopus and grilled asparagus for lunch.

Somewhat unusual for a pre-run meal

Somewhat unusual for a pre-run meal

Two hours later and we were done.  I had eaten quite a bit and had fallen prey to the bottle of red wine that had been placed on the table, although I had diluted it with Gaseosa, I was a little concerned about the effect it might have had on my running ability.

It was still 26.5 degrees when I set of at a quarter past six in the evening.  The run was a bit of an anti-climax, in that nothing remarkable happened.  I completed the ninety minutes without undue stress.  I did not dislocate my belly button in the attempt nor did I fall prey to my unusual lunch.

I completed the day with a swim in the sea too cool off, before heading back to the apartment.  Weary but pleased and full of confidence in my ability to complete the half marathon next month.

I thank the baby octopus for sustaining me and am glad I did not copy the Mexican chap and have the steak, for I would surely have failed in my attempt at completing the run and would probably have ended up like him, asleep in the shade of his straw hat.


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