Day Twenty Seven: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

In a book written by the cycling legend, Lance Armstrong, he recounts how mid-race he calls back to the team car, driven by Johan Bruyneel, his Director Sportif, using his team radio and says “Guys I have a problem with my bike.”  The chap in the team car, replies in a worried tone “What’s up Lance?”  Lance says “I don’t have a chain on my bike!” It was a joke of course.  What he meant was it felt like there was no resistance, as if the chain had been removed.  He was spinning his legs and it felt so very easy.

I expected the opposite when I climbed on my bike yesterday.  Having run for ninety minutes the previous day I did not expect to have fresh legs.

Within five minutes of setting off, as I hit the slopes of the first small climb I realized I was on for a good ride, that I felt fresh and strong. It is odd.  Sometimes you expect one thing and the opposite happens.

I thought about Lance’s little joke with his Director Sportif, as I flew along the flat road, that runs parallel to the beach front.  I was doing just over 40 kilometres per hour and felt really comfortable.  It was just like I had no chain on the bike. I decided to capture the moment on video, to remind myself how you can have good days as well as bad days.  It will give me something to think of the next time I am suffering on the bike, or during a run.

I am of the view that you do need to suffer sometimes.  It makes you stronger in the long term. I shall embrace my suffering to come, knowing that I will have more good days like yesterday ahead of me.

As you may gather, I feel pleased.  I am sure my level of fitness has clicked up a notch and am really looking forward to finally getting my own bike and stepping up the cycling mileage.

I have just heard that Lance Armstrong will be making a return to cycling, that he intends to win an unprecedented eighth Tour de France.  Perhaps I should tell him about the recuperative qualities of a meal based on baby octopus.  It might stand him in good stead for next July.

I leave you with a classic bit of footage, courtesy of YouTube of Lance Armstrong in action.


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