Day Thirty Two: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Someone sent me an email asking why I trained so hard, and jokingly advised that I become a couch potato, like other forty year olds.  To be honest if I succumbed to that level of inactivity, it would be the end of me. I would probably just die of boredom.

One of the reasons I exercise is that is behaves like a pressure release, a way to let off steam.  The more the pressure or stress, the greater the volume of exercise I take on board.  It is a pattern I have seen before.

I must have been stressed yesterday because I decided to do a split work out, with a decent bike ride first, followed immediately by an off-road run. The theory being that if I am to do a triathlon I had better get my legs used to running after a bike ride.

As usual (except when the routine is broken by having guests or relatives stay over) I woke up before anyone else so that I could study Spanish in quiet.  Once the kids are awake its nigh on impossible.  With school starting tomorrow it was all hands on deck to finish off the last of their homework.  Once that was done it was time for my bike ride, then a quick change of shoes and a thirty-five minute run.

In short it worked out fine.  The bike ride was average but the run hurt, at least for the first five minutes until my legs became accustomed to the change from pedalling to running. As I expected it was indeed strange coming off the bike and starting a run. I was not particularly out of breath but my legs did not seem to respond. I decided to take shorter strides and focussed on the road ahead untill gradually it all came back together. By the end of the run I felt fine.

The rest of the day was spent with the girls.  As a reward for them completing their homework and doing a great job at tidying up their rooms, I treated them to a cool drink and a plate of tapas at a little bar nearby.  Food is cheap in Barcelona compared to the U.K. and for less than the price of a Big Mac in London you can get a nice range of tapas.

All smiles, Carlos is handling the grill

All smiles, Carlos is handling the grill

Carlos is the face of the local tapas bar.  It is probably one of the busiest in the area and has a wide range of clientele.  A cold beer will set you back just under two euros and a serving of pinchos, around 2.65.  They also use the best alioli around.  It is home made.  We got chatting to him yesterday and he said they use forty kilos of the stuff per day !

The girls were happy with their treat and are looking forward to their first day back to school tomorrow.

If you ever see me turning into a couch potato, please feel free to show me a copy of this Blog entry.

Life is for living, not sitting around on a sofa !


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