Day Thirty Five: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

But I would walk five hundred miles
And I would walk five hundred more
Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles
To fall down at your door

And so sang the Proclaimers…

The dangers of using the new Genius Button in iTunes manifested itself on my ride yesterday.  For some reason, unknown to me, having selected Coldplay as a track on which to base my ‘if you’ll like these tracks, may I suggest this playlist’ function I ended up with the Proclaimers.

The song stayed in my head for the duration of my ride.  It invaded my brain and transported me to another time, another dimension.  I was wearing Miami Vice clothing, my girlfriend wore shoulder pads larger than mine and my favourite television programme was BlackAdder.

I sang along, like a drunken karaoke fool.  This would have been fine, had I been alone.  I was not.  Just as the chorus began and I chimed in, I looked to my left and a Spanish cyclist had drawn level with me on the climb.  ‘Good grief, now he’ll think I am totally off my rocker’, I thought.  I smiled and felt like the village idiot.

He turned off and descended into the village of Tiana whilst I carried on up the climb.  I was on a mission as I had been having a bad day, was uptight and needed to vent some frustration. Exercise is good for that. So is singing.

I started off the day with the intention of doing a one-hour run along the beach.  The idea was to do the first thirty minutes steady, then fifteen minutes at ‘race pace’ with the final fifteen steady.  I was excited to be using a pair of lightweight running shoes that had been stuck in a box in England until last week-end.  In retrospect using them on a long run was not a good idea, as my feet were not used to them.  I am now the proud owner of two blisters, each one a mirror image of the other on both feet. Ouch.

I was forced to cut my run short to prevent totally destroying my feet and risk setting myself back in training.  I was annoyed.  Pissed off, angry. I came back to the apartment. My day got worse.  Upon returning home, I fired up my laptop ( do you realy fire up a laptop?) and saw that  I had received an email back from the event organizers of the Barcelona Triathlon. They had informed me that they could not process my application as the event was full.  In response I had asked if they could put me in the Olympic distance event, but that was also was over-subscribed.  Gutted.  I emailed them and asked if they could put me on a waiting list if someone cancels but they fired back an answer saying they couldn’t do that either. So the triathlon is a no go for me. Bummer.

To say I was feeling fired up when I jumped on my bike is an understatement.  I decided to do some hill work.  Behind our apartment is mountain range that runs along the coast towards Girona.  I have mentioned it in previous Blog posts.  From top to bottom it takes roughly twenty minutes at a comfortable pace.  I decided to do the climb four times, increasing my effort each time.

Being full of angst and aggression made it easy to push myself and it went well, apart from the singing incident. I shaved about thirty seconds off each lap with the fastest ascent done in just over thirteen minutes and have decided that I will use the climb as a barometer of my fitness levels in the  future. I returned home feeling calm, tired and ready for dinner.

I am now on the look out for another challenge to take the place of the Barcelona Triathlon.  I find that it is much easier to train and push myself if I have a goal.  Given that Barcelona is such a sports orientated city, I am sure I will find something to do.  I quite fancy doing something a bit different, perhaps another off-road run event, perhaps a shorter event to build up to the half marathon makes sense.

I shall leave you with the Proclaimers.  Warning – You will be singing this for ages, lets hope you are alone.


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