Day Thirty Six: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Yesterday was not meant to be a rest day but life took over and the opportunity to work out was swept away. Instead I decided to do some research on things to do with the family that involved the outdoors, a bit of fresh air and a splash of culture that also avoided the city. I stumbled upon something called the Vias Verdes – or Green Roads.

In essence these are roads that are free from traffic and have been created from disused railway lines.  They are ideally suited for walkers and mountain bikers and cover over 1,500km in Spain. Being old train lines the gradients are gently and the scenery is often spectacular.

I have included a scree grab of a map of the Vias Verdes in Catalunya.  The ones in red are planned, the ones in green already exist.

A map showing the Vias Verdes in Catalunya

A map showing the Vias Verdes in Catalunya

For more information, why not visit their website:

It isn’t hardcore mountain biking, but it would make a nice day out with the kids, I will try the route near Girona and will let you know how it pans out. I may even work up to running it.

Today is the shortest entry so far on this Blog, I have to admit feeling pretty tired at the moment but hopefully my day off will recharge my batteries and I will be full of vigor tomorrow.

I leave you with a video of the Vias Verdes, it is in Spanish but you will get the general idea 😉


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