Day Forty One: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Remember in Aliens when the engineering technician is looking for ‘Jones’, the crew’s cat? The guy walks into a large room calling out “Here kitty, kitty kitty.” It was a scary moment in the film.  You knew something was about to jump out from behind a dark corner and rip him to bits.  It made your heart race. The damn cat was aware something was there, that’s why it had run off.  Cats can tell when a twelve-foot Alien with acid blood is hiding behind a pipe and some chains.

My lightweight running cap was useless at keeping the rain off my head.  I wore it not for its rain protection but because it was covered in reflective logos, which would have been practical, had I been running on the road.  Instead I was running at night, in a thunderstorm up in the hills in an area covered with ancient ruins and a monastery.

To say it was a little bit eerie would be a bit of an understatement.  Freddy Krueger would have been nervously looking over his shoulder, as the lightning lit up the landscape, momentarily casting shadows amongst the ruined buildings, forming dark shapes beneath the boughs of the wind-swept trees. Even Freddy would have stayed home.
I forced myself to laugh at what I was doing. I was running not on the wide, open (safe) trails but had chosen perhaps the darkest, creepiest trail in the whole area.  Full of impossibly black areas, lying just off the trail, hidden behind tall shrubs choked in vines and covered in thorns.  Several times the thorn bushes tore at my legs, commanded by the strong winds, making me jump out of the way.

I was not alone either.  Twice I encountered people standing five to ten metres off the trail I was running along, their heads bowed, chin tucked into their chests, in defence of the wind and the rain.  Each time I spotted them I felt anxious.  What other lunatic comes up here in this weather I thought?

I spotted the guy ahead of me on the trail calling for his dog.  His dog was nowhere to be seen.  In his hand, he held one of those roller leads, the self-retracting type for small dogs. He had tied a couple of black bin bags around the handle, used for picking up the offending article should his dog make a mess on a pavement.  He looked nervously at me so I smiled to put him at ease.  I don’t know if the Alien got him or not.

I ran hard last night, spurred on by my thoughts of madmen with knives, hiding in the ruined doorways of dilapidated buildings, I sprinted up the climbs chased by imaginary Rottweilers and raced through the dark corridors of trees, with an Alien in hot pursuit.

My fitness is coming along nicely, helped no doubt by a vivid imagination.

I leave you with a classic scene from Aliens, courtesy of YouTube.


1 Comment

  1. Hahaha! I’d be freaked out too if I had to run in those conditions.
    I would have to agree a vivid imagination helps wile away those long hours spent covering long distances.I don’t think I can deal with thoughts of pursuing aliens though. I can only run long if i go slow… the aliens would find me too boring a prey. 🙂
    Great storytelling, as usual.


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