Day Forty Nine: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

The little voice was there again, whispering into my ear as I ran.  “Go faster, she’s catching you” it urged me on.  And, on demand I sped up.  I began an argument with myself. I knew the outcome.  I would of course speed up.  And I did.  I had seen the girl at the turnaround point on my run.  She was wearing what I can only describe as a belt, rather than shorts.  They were that short.  She looked tanned and had the loping gait of a regular runner.  Smooth, effortless.  Fast.  And now she was catching me up.

At times like this you are not allowed to look over your shoulder.  For that is too obvious.  You might as well pin a race number to your top if you do that. You can look in the reflections of car windows, you can use shadows cast upon walls, the road, whatever, just don’t look over your shoulder.  The sun was overhead and so I had no shadows to use as a gauge as to the other runner’s progress.

Eventually I reached the point in my run where I turn off the cycle path and drop down onto the beach.  I then had about ten minutes of running on the sand.  I love it.  Whilst it is hard work, somehow the time flies.  She was now running parallel with me up on the cycle path.  I caught her looking down at me on the beach below.  I felt like saying “Hey its not fair, this is much harder work down here on the sand”. I worked really hard to keep pace with her. It was ten minutes of pain.

Towards the end of the beach, the cycle path makes a detour around some of the beach huts.  As I climbed back up from the sand towards the path, she came around the corner.  We were both now side by side.  We smiled at each other.  Both of us were wearing headphones so we did that – I can’t talk right now but I know what you mean sort of exchange, a nod of the head that implied how much fun our mini race was.  And then she was gone, she turned off the path and ran along the road that dives under the coastal road and pops out in the residential area of Montgat.  I caught a fleeting glimpse of that belt she was wearing in lieu of shorts.  Good grief.

I was feeling rather pleased with myself as I had weighed myself in the morning and found that I was down to 71.5KG.  I think a little celebration will be called for when I drop under the magical 70KG mark.

I fly back to the U.K. in just over a week to collect my bikes.  I feel like a kid at Christmas, trembling with anticipation at picking them up.  What shall I ride? My MTB or my road bike.  Decisions, decisions.

I spoke with a friend of mine that rides for the Garmin Chipottle professional road team.  He is based up the road in Girona and wants to do some mountain biking so I guess I’ll be doing that for a while.  It will, no doubt be a bit of a suffer session for me.  To say he is fit, would be an understatement.  He rode the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France this year and has just returned from the World Championships. So yes, I will be the weakest link.

I wonder what that little voice will be whispering into my ear when I ride with him? I doubt it’ll be saying “Go faster, go faster”

I leave you with a song by A-Ha.  It was stuck in my head all day on ‘repeat’.  So it is only fair that it gets stuck in yours. ☺


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