Day Fifty: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Food – The provision of it.  That has to be a recession proof area to work in.  Perhaps not for if you are a producer of expensive Foei Gras , Truffles or a purveyor of wine that retails for three thousand euros a bottle.  I stumbled across a website that sold wine and sure enough, right next to the ‘add to basket’ field was the price.  Three grand.  I figured it must be pretty special so I did a little search to see what the wine gurus out there thought, and here is what they say:

Dom. Romane Conti 1997

This French red Burgundy smells of berries, spices and leather. Dark in colour, it hints at flavours of soy sauce, flowers and licorice. The aroma is rich and penetrating without being too profound.

Hmmm…I am not sure about that.  Soy sauce, flowers and licorice ? Are they having a laugh? I can just imagine serving that up.

“Try this mate, it tastes a bit like soya sauce, with a hint of flowers”

– what sort of flowers; Roses? Chrysanthemums? Carnations?

“Oh and a bit of licorice”

“Hmm lovely, how much is it then?”

“Three thousand euros”.

I imagine that purveyors of wine at three thousand euros a bottle must be staring at a pretty short till roll when they cash up in the evening.  I can’t suspose too many people are splashing out right now on ninety seven Romane Conti’s.

Which brings me to my run. There are two spots on my run where I can smell something but cannot, for the life of me identify either (a) what the smell reminds me of or (b) where it is coming from.

I am sure it’s a bush that I run past. Actually it is really more of a hedge.  There are two of them on route and whenever I run past them, I catch a whiff of that smell.  It is strong, but not quite strong enough to underline in bold exactly where it is coming from.  It has been bugging me now and on my run yesterday I almost stopped to try to figure it out.

The problem is that the mysterious smelly bush/shrub/plant whatever, is on the first part of the descent and I cannot stop there.  Well not easily.  The ground is hard packed sand, traction is minimal and my weight is carrying me downhill.  It is a fun part of the run, you almost let yourself go, your feet are working overtime in conjunction with your brain, guiding you past small gullies, over broken bits of rock, past technical root sections.  You are concentrating on staying upright.  And then all of a sudden, the smell hits you.

I could of course try running the route in the opposite direction.  It would be easy to stop on the steep climb and try to figure out if the weird smell is really coming from the suspect bush/shrub/plant thing.  The last time I went past it I did not notice a smell of berries, spices or leather, so it isn’t an open bottle of three grand wine.

Apart from experiencing confusing smells, my run was fine.  The off road route is hard but not so long that I turn myself inside out.  Forty minutes is the duration of the route at a comfortable pace, yesterday it was slightly uncomfortable at thirty-six minutes but it was my last run before my rest day so I could thrash it a bit.

After my run I logged into the Live Mocha website, a great tool if you are learning a language.  You can, if you wish, learn Russian, Spanish, French and Portuguese, all for free.  I had a message from one of my ‘online friends’ or tutors.  It was hilarious, a link to a great bit of comedy that I shall leave you with, courtesy of YouTube.


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