Day Fifty Four: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

“Be careful with your cash if you want to be wearing Bling.”  And so said Ali G at the end of his hilarious interview with Charles Schultze, former economic advisor to U.S. President Jimmy Carter and author of dozens of books and articles on economics.

Yesterday was an odd day.  In the same way that starting my Blog entry with a quote from Ali G is a bit odd. The TV was on and my daughter asked me what the stock market was and why it was in trouble.  Not an easy one to explain off the top of your head, so I did a bit of web searching. I think she now has a grasp of what all the trouble is about.

It was also odd in that I woke up feeling rather fresh, ready for a run and yet just minutes later felt like getting straight back into bed. So I sat on the sofa, which is perhaps the nearest you can get to being in bed without actually doing so. I started thinking.  I have been in situations like this before, I thought, as I lay on the sofa looking at my running shoes.  I can recall having been completely dressed in cycling kit, helmet on, bottles filled, shoes on and then. Bang I am too tired to move. I have then ended up horizontal on the sofa, looking at my bike leant up against the wall.  Managing, though only just, to get undressed again before becoming a lounge lizard.

So what causes that? Well being tired for one. Perhaps it is a problem with training alone? I mean, if you have to meet someone and have committed to hooking up for a run or a bike ride, then the sofa option is not really on the tick list of options.  But for me yesterday, it was. I ticked it and then almost fell asleep.

Which is why tomorrow I have to make sure that I do not fall prey to the dangers of my IKEA sofa.

Instead I shall be heading up into the hills.  I intend to try a different running route, one with more climbing in it.  This will probably hurt as the current route already has a good twenty minutes of climbing in the first half of the run.  I estimate that I will be adding another five or six minutes to that, provided my route reconnaissance is correct.

It will involve making my way past the monastery, and trying to climb all the way up to the highest ridge, before looping back around and picking up the return leg of my usual run route.

I will let you know how I get on.  Tomorrow I will be running with an imaginary running partner.  I am due to meet her (she may as well be female if she’s imaginary) at six o’clock sharp.  I will not be late.  I will not wimp out and I will not be beaten by her, though I hear she is really fast.

I leave you with Ali G.  Let’s hope the guys on Wall Street have a sense of humour.


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