Day Fifty Five: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

She had beautiful dark hair, a lovely smile, eyes that talk to you and legs up to her armpits. My imaginary running partner was waiting for me bang on time.  I checked my watch and took stock of the temperature as I stepped out of the apartment foyer.  It was hot. What a surprise. Not that I was complaining, I prefer the heat to the cold.

My idea to create an imaginary training partner had worked.  I had avoided the enticing comfort of my sofa and was heading up into the hills for a forty minute run.

I use my imagination a lot when I train on my bike.  When I am on a long mountain climb I imagine that I have just attacked in my bid to win a stage in an important race. The group I have left behind is chasing hard.  I have the summit in view and grit my teeth, putting in a final effort, knowing that if I can make it over the top alone, they will not be able to catch me on the descent and I will win the stage. Using my imagination allows me to push myself harder.

Someone once told me that to succeed in competitive cycling it required thirty percent physical fitness and seventy percent mental fitness.  I am not sure about those ratios but I agree that mental fitness is certainly required.

Visualization helps when you compete.  When I used to race (it seems a long time ago now) I used to visualize attacking, breaking away and winning.  It made me incredibly confident.  You need confidence, the ability to truly believe that whilst you are hurting, everyone else is hurting even more.

Think about that the next time you are in a group ride, on a climb, or suffering in a wet, cold and windy race. As soon as you think you are the weakest link, you become the weakest link.  When you truly believe that you are hurting less and can endure more you are far more likely to triumph.

Everyone has heard of the powers of the mind, and whilst you may not be able to bend spoons with it, you can use it to enhance your training.

I am looking forward to my long run tomorrow I am convinced that I am ready for the challenge of trying to make it to the ridgeline.

I had better go now.  My imaginary training partner wants a back rub…

I leave you with ‘Just My Imagination’ by the Rolling Stones courtesy of YouTube 🙂


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