Day Fifty Six: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

I have collected footsteps in the evening, in the morning and in the heat of mid-day. I have become the rabbit for the neighbourhood dog.  Seen places I never knew existed.  Obeyed the voice in my head.  Let music carry me when I couldn’t.  Raced against yesterday.  Let the world be my witness.  Measured myself in metres, in kilometres and finally, in character..

Faced with a travel enforced rest period of three days I was keen to push hard on my final run up to the ridge before the break. I decided to take my Nokia N95 along to capture some of the run on video and have embedded some of the videos here for you. I will not embed every one of the videos that I took.  If you want to watch all of them, you can click through to the relevant YouTube page and watch each one of them in sequence.  I would suggest you choose the ‘high quality’ version on YouTube, as the quality is much improved by doing so.

Before you view them.  A few words of warning.  These videos are pretty bad.  The commentary is ad hoc to say the least, the camera shakes a great deal and the audio quality is woeful.  It does however serve to give you an idea of the landscape that I am training in. I do apologize in advance for the heavy breathing, it was hard to run uphill and provide you with a dialogue at the same time ☺

The first video shows the start of the off-road run. The trailhead where I shot this video is about five minutes run from my apartment.

The next video was taken a little bit further along the trail with the San Jeroni Monastery in the background.  This area is pretty creepy at night.

The landscape varies quite abit on my run.  This next short clip is the start of the hard part of the run, where the trail becomes more technical, with rocks and cactus littered along the trail.  The gradient increases here and for the next twenty minutes providing any commentary at all was much harder.

This next video clip shows the Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica), very common all over Spain and certainly rather prevalent on my run.

Horseflies are fast.  Faster than me.  This is a fact. I have tried to outrun them and have failed.  They have quite a nasty bite and seem to be attracted by sweat.  This is not great as when I run I sweat buckets. It makes for some interesting arm waving antics when being chased by them on my run.

I was wondering which trail to take when I shot this video, the one on my left seemed to head off along one of the lower ridges, whilst the one I took went straight up.  The run was getting pretty hard at this point.

After the tough steep pitch, the trail opened up into a little valley.  A light breeze made a welcome appearance.  The ridge was in sight now and I was keen to reach it.  I had been running for about thirty minutes at this point.

The top of the climb.  What a fantastic feeling it was to be stood up on the ridge looking down at Barcelona in the distance. A huge dog was going mad nearby as an elderly man walked his little yappy dog past the yard.  I fully expected it to be eaten in one gulp by what appeared to be part wolf part Cujo.  I left before the bloodshed began and started to descend.

The descent was harder than I had expected, it was steep which meant you are forced to keep your speed in check the whole time, you simply cannot just let gravity take over.

I will spare you from more of my videos and leave you with an great bit of promo from Nike.

I wonder if I am addicted? I have certainly seen places I have never been before.


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