Day Fifty Seven: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

I know a guy that drinks a bottle of champagne almost every night.  He is of course, rather minted.  He is also a swivel-eyed lunatic.  I once asked him why he drank champagne every night.  He interrupted his diatribe outlining his plans for the globalization of his business and answered my question in the manner of a politician.  Which meant he did not answer my question.  He did however explain that he loved the taste of champagne.

Loving champagne is all well and good.  However in my opinion it is a luxury item.  Something that should be used to celebrate such things as a new job, the birth of your first child, or perhaps winning a stage in the Tour de France.  Drinking it every day leaves you missing something when you really need to celebrate.  You may as well pour yourself a glass of milk to welcome in the New Year.  Rather sad and lacking in effect.

It is important to leave yourself a few pleasures in life that can be selectively used at the right time, when it really matters.  I had a beer at the airport on Saturday.  It tasted fantastic.  Why? It was not a delicious Belgian brew, a trappist delight that tickles ones palate with every sip.  Instead it was a common beer served in a cheap plastic cup.  It was cold and refreshingly light.  It was my first beer in quite a while and that is why it tasted so good.

I was flying to the U.K. to collect my road bike and my mountain bike, both of which had been sitting in my garage for too long.  I looked around the airport terminal in Girona and wondered where all the people were travelling.

People were busy spraying themselves with perfume in the duty free shop and buying tacky mementoes of their trip to Spain.  I watched a middle aged couple purchase a small plastic matador, an FC Barcelona jersey and a CD of flamenco music.  On my right sat a sun burnt man wearing what I think was a Leeds United jersey, with a pint of beer in each hand. He was, without doubt, British and was by all accounts, returning home after a late summer holiday.

He was talking to his mate about their drinking session the night before.  His mate looked like death warmed up.  He was the epitome of ‘hung over’.  His friend had purchased a pint of beer for him, the ‘hair of the dog’.  Sadly his mate was too far gone to entertain the idea of another beer and thus, football man was going to drink both of them. Rather happily by the look of it.

I wondered if he drank beer every night, in the same way that Mr. Global Domination drank champagne every night.

I took another sip of my beer and savoured every moment of it, feeling happy that I did not feel hung over and glad that I did not drink it every day.

You appreciate a beer when you haven't had one fora  while...

You appreciate a beer when you haven't had one for a while. Photo taken at Girona Airport, Spain.

I leave you with a funny clip from Man Stroke Women, courtesy of YouTube.


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