Day Sixty: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Shag, Marry, Kill.

I was sitting on the balcony with three pairs of shoes laid out before me.  A pair of black mountain bike shoes, some rather shiny road bike shoes and a pair of dusty running clogs.  What was I going to do? Take my road bike out for a spin along the coast? Explore the trails up in the hills or go for a run along the beach?  It reminded me of a game played on long car journeys.  Shag. Marry. Kill. The idea being that one person chooses three fantastically gorgeous women (or men) and presents the other person with the choices. A delightful way to waste time and a catalyst for many a discussion about the ‘shagability’ of Heidi Klum versus Anna Friel or Britney Spears.

I decided to ‘murder’ my running shoes, ‘marry’ my road shoes and ‘shag’ my mountain bike shoes. With my decision made, I wheeled my mountain bike into the lift, went down to the street and set off in the direction of the highest mountain pass I could find.

Mountain Bike, Run or Road Bike?

Mountain Bike, Run or Road Bike?

Having explored some of the dirt trails in the area during my previous few weeks of trail running, I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted to go. I had seen a dirt track high up on the mountain.  A large watchtower had been built on the highest point and made a good point to head for.  From my balcony I could see a dirt track leading up towards it.  My plan, if you could call it such, was to ride to the top and find some downhill trails leading off the peak.

The climb took about forty minutes.  I thought about the guys and girls that I used to cycle with in Swinley Forest, back in the U.K.  They would have cursed me for taking them up this one.  But, they’d have loved it at the same time.  The scenery was designed for post cards or mountain bike product adverts.  The trail was hard packed, steep in places yet not so steep that it was impassable. The air was clean, smelt of pine trees and was keeping me cool.

Once I had caught my breath at the top I went in search for a downhill trail. I found a lovely technical trail that wound its way down to the lower slopes.  It was rocky, fast and flowing.  My favourite type of trail.  Water had carved out long smooth gullies that you had to ride in, being careful not to catch a pedal on the sides as you followed their course.  Not knowing what was around the corner made the descent exciting.  My Magura Marta SL disc brakes performed well scrubbing off speed when presented with a section of trail that looked like a lunar landscape, littered with filing cabinet sized rocks and deep gullies.  I picked my way through the boulder field trying to anticipate the terrain ahead.  I  loved it.  Fantastic stuff. Mountain biking is such a stress buster.  I had forgotten how much fun proper off road riding is.

I think the descent lasted about ten minutes.  I was just starting to get the dreaded ‘arm pump’ when I popped out onto the dirt track at the start of the climb.  I was smiling like a fool, sweat was pouring off me, stinging my eyes.  I was already thinking about looking for trails leading off the other side of the peak, down into the valley on the other side.

I made the right choice when it came to my shoes and think that my running clogs are going to feel a bit lonely for the next week or so.  My half marathon training is now in serious jeopardy of being upstaged by two bikes.

I leave you with a link to Man Stroke Woman – Shag, Marry, Kill

For the record I would ‘shag’ Britney, ‘Kill; Anna and ‘Marry’ Heidi, I’ve always been a sucker for rich super models 🙂


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