Day Sixty Two: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Having battered myself to bits for the previous two days on my road bike, both of which involved running out of food in the last hour and creeping home I decided it was time for some mountain biking.  It was Friday.  It was windy, grey and a light rain was falling.  Excellent mountain biking weather then.

I decided to explore the country park that is near my apartment, to ride a little higher up into the mountains and then join the ridge that I suspected would allow me to head south. I had no idea how hard it would be. It was meant to be a relaxed chill out ride.

After twenty minutes of climbing in the granny ring I had my doubts as to the wisdom of such a ride having come off two hard days on the road bike.  Lactic acid was practically dripping out of my bleeding eyes.  I had a metallic taste in my mouth, my sweat was blinding me and the sock on my left foot was really annoying me.

At the top of the climb I shot a short piece of video.  When I played it back at home it struck me just how very wasted I was when I took it.  The surprise of just how hard that climb had been was etched onto my face.  It’s a pretty crummy video but I’ll put it up anyway.  The descent off the mountain was fun, if a little bit sketchy at times.  I am aware that I am riding alone and that I would have an ice cube’s chance in hell of being found quickly if anything happened. So I ‘exercised a degree of caution’ as they say.

The rest of the ride consisted of me dodging cactus and bashing my left ankle on the crank arm a million times.  I am now the proud owner of an ankle that looks like an egg.  My kids laughed and wanted to poke it.  No sympathy there then.

This week was turning out to be a week of pain and suffering. I am determined to try the road ride again, in an effort to exercise the daemons that have taken root in my mind.  I can’t believe I put myself through that world of pain two days in a row.  I am still eating to recover.  I have one more mountain bike ride to do before I have a rest day.  Then it is exorcism time.  Bring out the holy water.  Grab a rosary.  A holy book.  A shaman.  Anything.  Food would be best though me thinks.


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