Day Sixty Six: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

After a little while I knew something was going on.  People in the street were staring. I would catch them looking at me and they would quickly avert their eyes.  I had left the house in a hurry and so I checked to make sure I was wearing trousers.  I also checked to make sure I was wearing the same shoes on each foot.  Everything seemed fine on the clothing front.  It was pouring with rain.  I was wearing a nice Gore-Tex jacket and my red Campagnolo cap that I had picked up when on a factory visit in 2006.

I decided to try to track what it was people were looking at when the next culprit paused mid-stride to perform an open mouthed stare at me, before dropping their chin and hurrying on their way. An old woman, whose reflexes let her down, stared just long enough for me figure out what her beady eyes were looking at.  She was looking at my head.  How strange I thought.  My funky cap is nice but surely it does not warrant being stared at in the street.

I reached the entrance to my apartment and bent down to put the key in the lock. It was then that I noticed the large drops of crimson splattering onto the marbled floor.  The red dye in the cap had run in the rain.  Red water was pouring onto my shoulders, running off the peak and dripping onto the floor.  It looked like oxygenated arterial blood.  I walked into the lobby and took a look in the mirror.  The effect was magnificent.  I appeared to have suffered a massive cranial trauma.  Indeed most would consider it a miracle that I was able to walk, let alone smile at the people staring at me.  I made a mental note never to wear my Campagnolo cap in the rain again.

Running in the rain can be fun.  I say it can be fun because I have experienced fun whilst being soaked to the skin.  The same has also happened whilst cycling in the rain.  The critical component to having fun in the rain is warmth.  A warm tropical downpour is absolutely glorious.  I have, in the past run fully clothed along a beach in rain that was so hard I could barely see.  I was laughing, shouting with sheer joy.  Some would suspect that I was off my head.  Bonkers. A crazy loon, a nutter. Maybe.  But you need to try it.  It does not work in the cold.  Rain then is a miserable soul destroying thing.  Add some warmth though and it can be invigorating  – in an almost sexy, wet and wild way.

I have had two days off training and am beginning to get a bit irritable.  The cat has woken me up early two days in a row and its life is now in danger.  I woke up again to the sound of traffic driving in the rain.  Not a pleasant sound.

So what do I do? Do I pretend that I am back in England, put on my wet weather gear and go for a mountain bike ride? Do I try my hand at running in the rain? I would if it was warm but it is cold.  A weather front has hit us and brought with it some truly nasty weather.  I have entertained the idea of going to the pool for a swim.  The main pool, whilst heated is not particularly warm.  It takes a couple of lengths of all out thrashing to get warm.  The pool also lacks a diving board, which is a shame.  About a thousand years ago I used to be a competitive diver and spent hours training, perfecting dives of varying degrees of difficulty.  In a way though, it is probably a good thing that the pool lacks a diving board, for I would be tempted to climb up and give it a go, which would probably result in grievous bodily harm, possibly even massive cranial trauma.

I think, instead I shall brave the elements and go for a mountain bike ride, that way if the dye in my clothes run nobody will see me.  For no Spanish cyclist ever rides in the rain.

I leave you with an excellent piece of footage from Mr. Bean where he decides to visit the swimming baths and have a go on the high dive platform.  It had me in stitches.


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