Day Sixty Eight: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Yesterday was one of those memorable rides.  The cloud cover was low, the ground was soaking wet from two days of heavy rain and I was alone on the trails.  I decided to shoot some video to put up onto this Blog.  Once again I apologize in advance for the dire commentary and the poor quality of the shots.  They were taken with my Nokia N95.

The first piece of video was taken part of the way up the climb.  A climb that takes between forty and fifty minutes depending on how I feel on the day.  Yesterday it took almost an hour as the rain sodden earth made the going very hard.

This next piece of video was taken at the top of the climb.  It is at this point that the single track fun starts.  The first section is a steep, wide track that takes you down to the start of the narrow trail that runs along the ridge.  It is fast and flowing with natural berms and small jumps.

This next piece of video was taken whislt I was exploring a steep descent before I decided to ride it.  The trail split into two and I was unsure which fork to take.  I ended up riding this descent and joining up with the trail I had intended to ride.

Coming up next is a lovely section of trail.  It was really difficult trying to film and cycle with one hand.  I had a few sketchy moments trying to video this part.  You’ll have to excuse my heavy breathing as I struggled to make it up the inclines in the gear that I had choosen.  At one point I came close to losing it on a section of loose rocks.  I must be mad.

The tricker parts of the trail follow next with deep rain gullies and drop offs that must be negotiated. These sections require a little bit of speed to get you through them, go too slow and it is actually more difficult.  I walked these sections first to choose the best line through before riding them.  A wise move.

I noticed a mountain bike trail book in one of the larger bike shops and will check it out.  I am sure I have only just touched upon some of the trails available and look forward to finding more of them.

If anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas it is a decent helmet mounted camera 🙂


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