Day Seventy Four: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

I feel sorry for anyone that has not experienced the unadulterated exhilaration of being out alone a million light years from home on a mountain bike having conquered a Dougie Lampkin like obstacle, risking a ‘Readers Digest’ near death experience, to let out a whoop and a holler as you hold hands with the adrenalin rush and dance a jig inside your head whilst your bike rolls forward down the trail, with you atop it, revelling in the moment.

Am I mad? To outsiders probably too far gone.  “Chuck him some crayons and close the door” They whisper amongst themselves.  But to others, people that ride, that experience the same joys through suffering, through pushing yourself, when all others are tucked up in bed, or watching television, or cleaning the car, raking the lawn. You will understand my madness.

Today was madness personified.  Climbs that required crampons.  Climbs that would have been a challenge for a man sponsored by Rolex.  Passing places with little shrines by the side of the trail, homage to the deceased.  Errant village folk that, through ignorance, took up the challenge of hiking the trail, to fall to the wayside. Flowers, plaques, black and white photos of families of the dead.  All of these things underlined in bold the severity of the route that I was cycling.

I did not die of course, well, unless you include the metaphorical flat lining that went on en route.  It was so very hard.  My willpower was bent in half, almost to breaking point as the trail reared forever skyward.  Rocks, deep gullies, so many obstacles, like those in life, trying to prevent me from reaching my goal.  But reach it I did and now I am tired.  Tired but happy.  About to make an important phone call.  Let’s hope I make it through what amounts to a third interview.  I need a job or I’m going to ride myself into the top echelon of cycling again without really meaning to.

Time for a coffee….

I leave you with some footage of Dougie Lampkin riding through Goodwood house.  Good stuff.

On Wednesday I am riding with the Garmin Chipotle boys and am looking forward to that.  For, like me, they will be able to relate to the buzz, the rush, the high that comes with cycling, the freedom it gives, the smiles it supplies.

Where is that coffee??


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