Day Eighty One: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

I just had a fight with my cycling glove when the velcro on the glove would not let go of the sock that I was trying to put away in my draw full of cycling gear. Usually such an incidence would be no more than a minor distraction, however having not cycled for three days, or indeed done any exercise whatsoever, my nerves are frayed around the edges.

I picked up a nasty case of flu and have spent the last two days in bed, with my laptop balanced upon a cushion, head propped up to prevent drowning in nasal fluid (sorry) with any thoughts of training out of the window. My aggravation has been made worse as I spent a good part of the day following twitter updates by Lance Armstrong and the Astana team training over in sunny Tenerife.

As usual when I am feeling a bit down or ill I try to cast my mind back to when I have felt worse. This time I really had to cast my mind back as it has been a long time since I have felt quite so poorly. I think having company makes things better. Being alone and ill is the worst combination. If I ever have to be hospitalized for anything I would rather be in a general ward where I can look at other people that are in a far worse state thanI am rather than be stuck in a room by myself ‘dying’ alone.

Men, it has to be said, are wimps when it comes to being sick. I know this because my wife reminds me of it often. Being the only man in a house of three girls the chance of receiving any sympathy is middling to none.

Women on the other hand will turn up at the doctors with their left leg in a carrier bag and say ‘its only  minor’. Women are tough nuts. They say it is because of childbirth; women have a higher pain threshold so that the human race can continue. Great.

I cast my mind back to Hong Kong where our eldest daughter was born and wondered why almost all the local Chinese woman in our antenatal classes all had elected caesareans? Was it because they didn’t want to endure the pain? Having nothing better to do whilst stuck bed I did some research and discovered that by having an elected caesarean they could choose an auspicious day for the birth of their child. OK, so actually all women are hard as nails. I gave up and went back to sleep.

Tomorrow I plan to do a gentle one-hour ride. I’ll make sure I’m wrapped up well and will head out along the coast on the cycle paths, past all the gorgeous yachts in the Port Olympic in Barcelona.

Right now I have some laundry to sort out. If that glove gives me any more grief its going out the window 🙂


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