Day Eighty Three: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

For the record, the cutest of dogs have sharp teeth when they are lodged in your calf. I was out on my mountain bike, having just spent almost an hour and a half climbing, when I drew alongside a woman walking her two dogs. I was a bit cautious, one of the dogs looked part wolf and was busy by the side of the trail trying to pick up a log the size of a VW Beetle. The other dog was a beautiful Labrador. It was the cute one that decided to try to eat my leg for a bit of a laugh. Wolf dog ignored me whilst the owner apologized profusely.

I’m not sure how, but the teeth managed to draw blood without ripping through my Assos cycling tights. Strange but true. Bleeding and a bit shocked at how such a cute dog could be so nasty, I began a fast descent through a vineyard, my eyes watering in the cold winter air.

It was sunny but I was heading into black clouds that hung over the top of the mountain, an ominous blanket of cold humid air. I zipped up my windstopper vest and wondered, for a moment if I did not have arms would it be a jacket? Strange what you think of at times.

The trail was soft in places, sodden from the heavy rain the night before. I’m using a Maxxis SwampThing tire on the front, super sticky and rapidly wearing out here in Barcelona, I’ve left it on as a test, a little geeky experiment to see how long it’ll last on the rocks and hardpacked ground over here. So far its holding up remarkably well.

I’ve been trying some High5 energy gels, which for the record are disgusting, yet effective at providing for a quick burst of energy. The problem with the gel is that its too thin, so when you rip open the top of the packet, half it shoots out all over your gloves. Not good.

I bumped into a novice out on his bike. He was wearing some truly bizarre clothing, a cross between the sort of thing Indiana Jones would wear and that of a 1980’s aerobics instructor. Pretty scary. I hope you got home OK, he looked pretty cold up there.

All in all it was a good ride, apart from being bitten by the dog. I spent two hours and ten minutes at an average heart-rate of 152bpm – Nice and steady for me.

Tomorrow I am supposed to be doing some work on the fitball with my TRX Bands with a short bike ride in the afternoon. Lets hope my dog bite doesn’t get infected.

I leave you with a song that was stuck in my head for most of my ride yesterday.


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