Day Eighty Seven: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

A strange thing has been happening lately on most of the rides that I do along the coast. I set off into a headwind and hammer myself silly for a couple of hours, teeth gritted, looking forward to turning around and enjoying the tailwind. The very moment that I turn around, the wind instantly changes and becomes a headwind all the way back. Who has the weather remote control? Please stop playing with the wind direction button.

Christmas in Barcelona is about food and drinking. Forget about your two zillion inch LCD televisions or your Nintendo games. Its about eating massive amounts of ham, drinking far too much wine and then pushing the boat out completely by consuming all manner of fortified wines, spirits and liqueurs. And then just when you are about to pop, they bring traditional sweets out, made from Almonds, honey and stuff designed to rot your teeth and then offer you a coffee with brandy. Good grief.

Luckily for me, and my liver, I managed to avoid death by over-eating and drinking and whilst I did enjoy the odd glass of wine, the odd ‘snifter’ of whisky, I didn’t go mad. I even managed to do quite a bit of riding. In terms of training 2009 has started well. Apart from the issue with the headwinds of course.

Today I decided to ride for about three hours. It was the last day in a 7 day block, the hardest block so far for me. Tomorrow will be an active recovery day. A gentle spin for about 90 mins. I think I’ll head towards the port downtown and listen to some music.

I’ll leave you with a video courtesy of YouTube.  Its by a band called Calexico.

I’ve been listening to them quite a bit.

Happy New Year everyone!


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