Day Eighty Eight: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

News travels fast these days, in particular through micro-blogging, real-time services such as ‘Twitter’. I was told by a person that lives in Terrassa that it was snowing well before the news channels had picked up on it. Snowfall in Barcelona is rare and the locals were very excited. That excitement infected me and I decided to try my hand at some mountain biking in the snow.

Trying to ride uphill in deep snow is, for the record, impossible. That did not of course stop me from trying. I ended up walking through increasingly deeper snow towards the summit. After about ten minutes of pushing my Nicolai through every deepening snow, I stopped. I was wearing two pairs of overshoes but they were not designed to tackle the conditions that I was subjecting them to. With frozen toes I decided to have a go at riding downhill in the snow.

I have watched videos of riders in the Mega Avalanche and decided to copy their set up. I lowered my saddle and set off with both feet unclipped, using my legs like outriggers, or stabilizers. It didn’t work at all. At the first hairpin bend I went straight on and ended up in a snowbank. I was too tense. Relax, go with the flow I thought. I set off again and went faster. Speed is your friend I thought. I crashed again when my front wheel washed out. I was getting the hang of it ☺

After a bit of practice I managed to relax and let the bike find its own route through the snow. It felt precarious to say the least but it was a lot of fun. I would recommend body armour as I am a bit bruised as a result of my crashes on the ice sections.


My very own mini Mega Avalanche course 🙂

The first week of the new year has been a hard one for me on the bike – a seven day block of training with rides of between three and five hours. I’ve now had two active recovery days (if you include the snow biking) and am getting ready for another block of training. This next one will be five days – seven is just a bit too much at the moment for me. After all its quality not quantity.

I leave you with some ‘quality’ video, courtesy of YouTube of the Mega Avalanche in France.


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  1. Boy! One thing trying it on your own but you’ve gotta be more than a bit crazy skidding down on a bike with hundreds of other nuts! Cool video though!


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