Day Eighty Nine: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

As is often the case on a long ride, my wand minders. I mean my mind wanders. I often find myself thinking the most absurd things, or pondering situations and running through all sorts of options and outcomes. On my last road ride I was thinking about life on Mars, about forms of microbial life that maybe responsible for the methane gas that has been detected by scientists.

Apparently methane does not last long once released into the atmosphere on Mars, which means it is being continually replenished, which of course means something up there is letting loose some large amounts of gas on a regular basis.

I am told there are only two options; one is that the methane is being produced by rocks through some sort of geological activity. The other is that microbes are producing it. The second option is of course rather sensational. OK so its not little green men with huge eyes and ridiculously large heads standing there wearing nothing except a holster for their ray gun, but it is sensational.

I started thinking about how what we eat, plays a large role in how we feel and indeed how much gas we produce. For example: eat a large helping of mung beans, a few pieces of raw celery, a generous portion of lentils, perhaps a few slices of beetroot and then wash it down with a large glass of prune juice. Now wait an hour or so. I would advise that you stay away from naked flames. You have just turned yourself into a mini Hindenburg. *

My advice therefore to the little forms of life up there is to go easy on the beans or pretty soon you’ll have a gaggle of scientists rummaging around, disrupting your peaceful, if gaseous, existence on Mars.

And with that…I began to climb. Heading up into the hills near Dos Rios, my attention was focussed on the work ahead. The climbs around Dos Rios are not super steep but at the same time you need to think about what you are doing, the descents are slippery and whilst there is little traffic the corners are often off camber and can be quite tricky if you enter them with a bit too much speed.

I am going to be travelling quite a bit this month for work and cycling will be impossible. I plan to revive my running regime to keep things ticking over and ensure that I remain on target for the start of the road race season, which is rapidly approaching.

I leave you with a video from YouTube. It ties in rather well don’t you think?

* Note the Hindenburg was filled with Hydrogen not Methane, however both are flammable.


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