Day Ninety: Eduardo’s Road To Fitness

Right now I am stuck in Germany for another week. I have no bike. It is cold, it gets dark early and the food is…well it is German. Enough said. I am in a hotel that lacks a fitness centre. The hotel lacks space, it lacks ambiance and it definitely lacks a good bar. On the plus side it is situated rather close to a lake.  It is this lake that has been my saviour. It is solely responsible for my sanity.

Travelling is tough if you are a person of routine. I am not referring to someone that has to align all their coat hangers in the same direction, someone that freaks out if there is a fork in the knife section of the kitchen drawer. No, a regular person, like me, someone that enjoys being able to run or cycle regularly. I adhere to a regular pattern when it comes to exercise and being in Hamburg has challenged it.

The lake has helped me overcome the challenge. When you are in a new city, a new country even, it is difficult to know quite where to go. South? How about East? I decided to play around on Google Maps and find out where I was in relation to my surroundings. It was then that I discovered, that, hidden from view by a ring of large high rise hotels, was a large lake –  ‘Perfect, let the running commence.” I thought.

And commence it has. I have juggled meetings, my start times at work and my days of recuperation.  I have planned it so that  I can run every other morning. I am doing this to ensure that I can maximise my running time over my two week stay.  If I ran every day I would never last two weeks and would end up having to take quite a few days off, thereby risking my sanity – so my day on day off approach is what I have set up. It seems to be working.

My run tomorrow is threatened by heavy snowfall.  My fingers are crossed.  My iPod is fully loaded with tunes and  I’m looking forward to my time in the cold winter air.

The lake in the middle of Hamburg

The lake in the middle of Hamburg.



  1. Hi Eduardo – found your blog on WordPress tag surfer. If you’re tired of running around the lake, another good stretch is along the Elbe starting at Teufelsbrück and heading west. I ride my bike along there and see a lot of runners.




    • Hey thanks Ian ! I’ll have look on Google Maps and find out where that is. Cheers 🙂


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